Exciting Fun Ball
Exciting Fun Ball
Exciting Fun Ball
Exciting Fun Ball
Exciting Fun Ball
Exciting Fun Ball

Exciting Fun Ball

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    Want to play something new with your friends? 

    Exciting Fun Ball is an exhilarating electric ball which is a fantastic game for group or team building! When it turned on, the futuristic-looking ball emits mild electric shocks every 10 to 30 seconds randomly

    The unlucky one who receives the random shock must keep their wits about them, as dropping the ball eliminates them from the game. Let's see who will be the winner!!!


    • Great game for party
      Breaks the distance zone and enhances friendship by stimulating ball
    • Easy to play
      Passes to others, if it drops then you are out!
    • Shocking vibe
      Making people laugh does not need complicated jokes sometimes, maybe just an exciting awake!
      • Flexible game
        You can set different rules for the exciting fun ball and make the game more challenging and funny!
      • Exciting but safe
        Delivers the perfect of dangerous. The shocks, while surprised, aren’t painful or permanently damaging
      • Safe switch
        Electricity turns on after twist the switch button

      • Surprised gift
        Interested funny gift for classmates, friends and colleagues!


      • Not for use by anyone with epilepsy, heart conditions, or a pacemaker. 
        • Material: Plastic, Metal
        • Size: 2.76" (7.62 cm)
        • Ages 14+


        • 1 x Exciting Fun Ball 
        • 1 x Activation key